Incredible solutions to make your trade compliance department hum!

Kompliant offers multiple software solutions to make your trade compliance operations more efficient. Our offerings include Komply™ to ensure that all of your shipments are safely sent, Kwikforms™ which removes the hassle of customizing all of your trade documentation, to Kontrol™, our trade compliance analytics dashboard. We are crazy–focused on helping support our trade compliance customers like no other company.


Our Komply™ application helps ensure that even your non-inventory / “miscellaneous” shipments comply with all of the same legal regulations as your normal shipments that go through your enterprise system.   We’ve got you covered with a fully-integrated platform and simple user interface that can be deployed behind your firewall or on your web portal(s) – even on mobile devices!


If you struggle with keeping all your trade output documents (like customs invoices) up to date and in compliance across all of your import & export countries, then Kwikforms™ is for you. Use our cutting edge system for managing all of your required trade documents with a single form and no coding – we know you’ll miss your friends over in IT ;).


It’s about time that trade compliance leaders get the same level of business intelligence as your functional counterparts (take that Ms. CFO!). Kontrol™ is the industry’s first trade compliance dashboard that gives you a real-time pulse of your global trade operations in a simple and comprehensive way.


Every software vendor hopes that you’ll have only one enterprise system (theirs of course); but that’s just not today’s reality.   If you need a real-time integration engine to connect disparate back-end “feeder” systems to your global trade management system (like SAP GTS), then Konnect™ is for you!

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Just A Few Of The Best Features Include

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Powerful Customization Options

  • Comply with global, regional and customer-specific requirements on a single form.

  • Meet future trade requirements without a need to develop multiple forms

  • Manipulation of form labels based on country of destination/departure, region, legal regulation, etc.

  • Generate a form in multiple languages based on country of destination/departure/etc.

  • Add location specific trade relevant data on forms without changing the output document.

  • Hide non-relevant data for specific trade scenarios on the forms.

  • Make form labels invisible if master data is not available.

  • Fully integrate with your enterprise global trade systems like SAP GTS.

  • Fully Support Non-Inventory Shipments

  • Support all trade scenarios – Import / Export / Intra-Country

  • Web-Based Responsive Design which includes support for mobile devices

  • Single-Sign-On Supported.

  • Certified By SAP

  • Intra-Company Shipments

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Adobe Document Server / PDF Output Integration

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Constant Updates & New Features

  • Software as a Service (SAAS) / Cloud Options Available