Tools for Finance to Power Compliance

Kompliant’s full-lifecycle commerce compliance platform provides a delightful customer-centric experience while keeping bad actors away.
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Streamlined services from initiation to oversight, done right.


Provide your customers with the secure, seamless, and delightful account opening experience they deserve while increasing conversions, reducing manual reviews, and preventing fraud.


Utilize best-in-class information verification and conduct of KYC, KYB, AML, OFAC, & MATCH screens to reduce risk of onboarding fraudulent customers.


Optimize underwriting processes, decision support, record keeping, and logging of all relevant decisioning events. The Kompliant platform reduces the complexity of decision making.


Maintain a stable customer relationship and risk portfolio with ongoing and periodic monitoring of owners and commercial entities with alerts to invoke re-underwriting if thresholds are exceeded.


Log and track events for analysis of process efficiency and regulatory compliance audit reporting.

The Kompliant Advantage

What you can’t see, can hurt you
Lack of visibility throughout the application and underwriting process increases the risk of non-compliance, false negatives, and likelihood of audit failure.
Moving Mandates Need Management
Even with the best of intentions, payment processors and financial services companies lack the systems to satisfy requirements to meet the demands of ever changing regulations and laws.
Faster is Better Only When Done Right
Siloed systems that don’t communicate, coupled with manual processes that can’t scale, lead to errors, inaccuracies, delays in decisioning, and customer abandonment.

Kompliant Intelligence Platform Services

Application Processing
Secure and streamlined process for onboarding merchants
Application Verification
Automated verification of merchant data using best-in-class data services for document verification and compliance screenings.
Underwriting Decision Support
Optimizing underwriting workflow for efficient review and decision-making
Business & Owner Monitoring
On-going refresh of data and verifications to identify bad actors and manage them out
Oversight & Examination
Logging and tracking for analysis of process efficiency and regulatory compliance audit reporting
A best-in-class experience for your customers increases revenue opportunities while decreasing compliance risk.
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Transform your compliance management

Connect to the financial compliance ecosystem
Kompliant is the most efficient way for your business to collect information, manage verification, and handle decisioning workflow and oversight with simplified APIs and a white label user experience.
Encryption of all data adhering to best-in-class information security standards.
Tailor underwriting workflow and decisioning for your credit and risk policies and rules.
Ensure proper verification, checking and screening of applicants with ongoing monitoring.