Many clients struggle to keep up with the constant changes required for their trade compliance documents and the long project time it takes for the IT team to keep up with them.

The complexity of local requirements for every trade compliance document can be staggering. Each destination country you ship to may have different preference processing codes, Harmonized Tariff codes, product licenses that need to be applied (or not), and specific requirements for that countries’ import / export documentation.

The level of complexity grows when you have “flash” shipments, drop shipments and multi-destination shipments. Never thought being global could be this much fun, eh? 😉

Kwikforms lets you easily support the every changing company, customer and country requirements for trade compliance forms without requiring involvement by IT in order to modify and maintain these forms. The appearance of labels, content, and texts are all modifiable; nothing is hard-coded so you can change your documents quickly as needs change.

  • Modern design and ease of maintenance with minimum coding / technical expertise required.
  • Label management – manipulate the form labels based on country of destination and departure, region, legal regulations, etc.
  • Multi-language – automatically generate a form in multiple languages based on country of destination / departure, etc.
  • Form layout flexibility – support for re-orientation of the form (from landscape to portrait)
  • Intelligent data display – display additional trade relevant data on forms by simply adding a condition for a country/region/etc.
  • Hide inappropriate fields – hide non-relevant data elements for certain scenarios on the form and / or make form labels invisible if master data is not available.
  • WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get form development – see the changes to your commercial invoice before committing it to your production environment.
  • Integration with ERP output management – Kwikforms can leverage your current output determination rules for physically electronically sending or printing your documents.
  • Change / release management – secure the appropriate approvals through workflow before committing your changes to your production environment.
  • On-premise installation or software-as-a-service options available.
  • SAP certified integration via Netweaver Gateway.
  • Meet all of your global, regional and customer-specific requirements on a “single form”.
  • Accommodate future trade requirements on the same form without a need to develop multiple forms.
  • Allow trade compliance business users control over format and content changes of trade-specific documents
  • Adhere to constantly changing trade regulations.
  • Avoid documentation non-compliance and filing errors and delays at customs due to incorrect forms.
  • Reduce the money spent with brokers and logistics partners “translating” your forms to local requirements at your cost.
  • Quickly respond to customer and country requirements.
  • Efficiently introduce new forms and to bring on new business units with very limited programming.
  • Achieve a consistent look-and-feel of all output forms used by a company for consistent branding.
  • Eliminate the dreaded “RICEF requests” normally required for localization of each form.