Ahhh, that day finally comes when you start to actually feel in control of your shipments. You implemented your global trade management platform, it’s integrated into your ERP system and every material, every shipment and every business partner is getting screened. Life is good! (Your promotion to Chief Compliance Officer is just around the corner.)

That is until you receive your Notice of Action – the dreaded CF 29 – from Customs because they declared your samples (that DON’T go through your Global Trade Management system) misclassified and you face the potential of fines and penalties.

Dope – there goes that promotion!

So how can you avoid this?

Leverage Komply™ – the trade compliance solution that lets you manage all of your non-inventory shipments with the same level of trade compliance control as the rest of your business.

Komply™ allows engineers, scientists, marketing personnel and even your vendors and distributors, who do not use your company’s ERP system to easily enter their shipment information on a web page or even mobile device, have it screened, classified and licensed before it ships out.

This creates a “one stop shop” for all import and export activities, no matter which part of your supply chain the shipment is originated from. Even ad-hoc and one-time shipments and business partners can be created and controlled by your global trade team without interrupting the smooth flow of your business.

Komply™ takes full advantage of the trade policies and procedures you’ve already established in your SAP GTS (and more Global Trade Management systems coming soon) system so you can rest more comfortably knowing all of your business is fully compliant

  • Single solution for import, export and domestic shipments.
  • Include your transportation partners like freight forwarders and customs brokers in the same process flow.
  • “Low or No” added resource and time costs to manage all of your shipments.
  • Provide a single, corporate solution for all trade compliance activities.
  • Low-cost deployment and ongoing support costs.
  • Easy to access from your intranet, web portal and virtually all mobile devices including iOS® and Android® devices.
  • Easy to use with high user adoption.
  • Synchronize and align Komply compliance processes with your standard compliance policies and processes.
  • Integrate with rest of your supply chain by rolling Komply out to your vendors and sales agents.
  • Leverage the same classification and license control functionality for all shipments.
  • Handles all types of non-inventory shipments including;
  • R&D products,
  • Samples and Prototypes (unsolicited or not),
  • Repair Parts
  • Electronics
  • Trade shows and promotional materials,
  • Office supplies (i.e. computers, etc.),
  • Capital equipment between plants,
  • Raw material shipping from suppliers that would not flow thru your ERP system.
  • SAP certified integration via Netweaver Gateway.

  • Eliminates the risks of fines and penalties for all of your non-inventory shipments.
  • Creates transaction trails that survive government audits.
  • Reduces your manual workload and complexity of issues.
  • Leverages other features from your GTS system such as electronic AES filing.
  • Utilizes the same forms (i.e., customs invoice) and output documents as your other shipments.